PUPILS’ learning reached a crescendo when they showcased their musical skills to family at a ‘ have-a-go’ concert to remember.

Trumpet, drum, cello and violin shared the spotlight with singing, recorder, saxophone and piano as children, some for the very first time, performed at the special event at Barnard Castle Preparatory School.

A variety of pop, rock and classical tunes delighted the audience as pupils demonstrated their new-found musical skills.

At the school, the majority of youngsters learn a musical instrument, from reception class to year 6.

As well as it being part of the curriculum, an additional 120 lessons a week are held for children hoping to nurture their musical talents.

The school’s director of music, Doctor Robin Harrison, is passionate about teaching children the joy of music.

He said: “It really doesn’t matter what standard they have reached, this is about giving children the opportunity to have a go, to experience the rewards of performing and the joy music brings to themselves and an audience.”

Headmistress Laura Turner added: “Music unlocks boundless opportunities and boosts pupils’ learning experience right across the curriculum.

"You can see the children grow in confidence after every performance, whether they play as part of an ensemble or individually. As for families, they simply glow with pride.”