PEOPLE from all faiths, denominations and backgrounds are invited to take part in Weardale’s first bread church.

The idea came from a church in Liverpool which invited people to bake bread.

Each person would bake two loaves of bread, one for themselves and one for a stranger.

You don’t need any experience in baking, it will be for most people a chance to try something new.

Some of the bread would be handed out to the homeless or to foodbanks.

Whilst waiting for the bread to bake people have a chance to reflect and pray.

The event became popular when it ran in Liverpool and it is hoped that the same effect happens in Weardale.

Sarah Haynes one of the organisers of the event said: “It is the start of an exciting journey.”

The event is taking place in St Thomas’ Church, Stanhope, from 10am until 3pm on Saturday, November 9.

After this the bread church will return on the last Friday of the month starting in the new year.