A PLANNING application to demolish a parish hall and build houses in its place has been approved.

In January earlier this year proposals were lodged for the Holy Trinity Church Hall, located to the north of Vicarage Road in West Cornforth, which was closed to the public in 2017.

Applicants, Mr and Mrs Jones, of Richmond, had stated that the building had fallen into poor structural repair, and their current application determines the demolition of the hall and the construction of three houses (originally four) and associated parking.

This application was approved by Durham County Council’s planning authority on October 3.

The hall is adjoined by housing to the east and a residential care home to the west.

Residential properties and a library are situated across the road to the south and the Cornforth Conservation area is nearby.

A detached dwelling will be positioned towards the south of the site and will include a garden area to the front and a smaller area of space at the back.

Two semi-detached dormer style dwellings will be positioned to the rear of the prior building, and a car park will stand to the north of the site.

A main road will provide access to the area, running through the site to a central seven-space car park.

The report declares that the development will not affect highway safety, ecology, trees or drainage in the area, and a plan will be drafted to reduce disruption on neighbours in the area in terms of noise, vibration and traffic.

Under planning conditions, work must start on site within the next three years.