A ROMAN encampment – complete with soldiers, traders and traditional artisans – will be brought to life on Bank Holiday Monday.

Binchester Roman Fort, near Bishop Auckland, will host its final re-enactment festival of the summer on Monday, August 26.

Organised by Durham County Council’s archaeology team, the event is an opportunity for visitors of all ages to immerse themselves in the sights, sounds, hustle and bustle of Roman life.

Highlights include the creation of a Roman encampment, which will showcase how soldiers lived as they defended and expanded the empire. A series of re-enactments will demonstrate the essential military skills soldiers needed to serve their Emperor, including archery, slingshots and catapult artillery. Barbaratus, the Roman cavalryman, will show off his fighting skills on horseback, accompanied by his trusty troop of foot-soldiers, and there will be battle re-enactments between Roman soldiers and barbarians, notably Roma Antiqua and the Mercenaries.

Visitors can also inspect a new and elaborately decorated building surrounding the Roman baths within the fort and view the impressive remains of a larger bathhouse outside of the stronghold. Tours of recent excavation work will also be available.

Principal archaeologist David Mason said: “It really is a fantastic day out for all of the family.”