SKATERS have been taking to their boards in Wolsingham after the opening of a new skatepark

Located at the St Anne’s Centre Recreation Ground, it is the dale's only skatepark.

Its a product of two years of planning after a request was submitted from one young person in Wolsingham.

The parish council secured external funding from Durham County Council’s Area Action Partnership, Sports England and from the EU Dales Leader project for the building of the park

The opening of the skate park took place on August 10 and was attended by a crowd of 50 people who braved the wind and rain

Keen skaters are using it from morning till night, and it is proving very popular.

David Sugden chair of the parish council said they were "very pleased with the it, however there are still things that need doing."

Landscaping around the park needs finishing off as the area is muddy as the grass needs seeding.

A minor issue with the skatepark is that hedgehogs are going for a night walk find themselves trapped in the park

"Its an issue but hedgehogs will soon learn areas of danger but we are looking into it."

The parish council hope to add a picnic bench and a rubbish bin to enhance the park.