A MOTHER whose son has diabetes will take part in the worlds most famous half marathon to help children with the condition enjoy trips away.

Melissa Atkinson, 34, who will also be training as a student nurse is raising money for her 12 year-old-son, Finley who has been a type 1 diabetic since he was three and has been attending the group for over a year.

"I am doing this run to raise much needed funds to contribute to type1kids group so they can continue to help and support children with type 1 diabetes, my son included as a lot of people don't understand the day to day struggle they have and being able to attend these groups and have fun days out with others who have the same condition, gives the children and their families a feeling of normality and emotional support."

She intends to raise more than £200 to help the the charity funding a trip out to places like Lightwater valley and residential trips to Keswick.

The residential trips are important because it helps build the confidence of diabetic children to stay away from home, many do not get the opportunity with their schools as many schools think its too risky. They can also be good networking events for the children to meet people with the same condition as them.

Residentials come with a price and with them proving very popular more than 90 people are expected to attend the next one.

Melissa also ran the Great North run last year and plans to run it again this year with 4 others who are parents and nurses connected with the charity, to raise more money for the charity.

Type 1 kids also has a Facebook group which you can request to join if you seek further information about Type 1 diabetes, the charity and the events they run.

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Type 1 Kidz is a project that Investing in Children runs. The charity is a community interest company but are in the processes of setting up a registered charity that Type 1 Kidz will be a part of after the summer.

The project was first set up so children and young people could have a say and make changes to the hospital service in County Durham and Darlington but everyone loved getting the peer support and so it expanded and now runs Durham & Darlington, Gateshead, Newcastle, Sunderland and South Tyneside.

They receive funding from Durham and Sunderland CCG and Children in Need, but they mainly get their money from fund raisers.

Type 1 diabetes causes the level of sugar in your blood to become too high, type 1 diabetes is not linked to age or weight. Those that have it need regular insulin injections to get blood glucose levels under control and so this is monitored in case. Approximately 400,000 people are currently living with type one diabetes in the UK, with over 29,000 of them children with the UK having one of the highest diabetes rates in the world.

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