THE transformation of a town centre street saw artists unite to brighten up an area.

Dan Walls of Illumination Wall Art turned Railway Street, in Bishop Auckland, into a canvas with help from four of the regions best underground artists.

Mr walls created the new Bish Vegas Legal Graff – a legal graffiti wall – to promote self expression and fun throughout Bishop Auckland.

Last weekend saw team members of the Bish Vegas Legal Graff cover more than 300 meters of wall space in unique designs using spray and masonry paint provided by Wear Valley Decorating Centre and Community Repaint.

The group said they were very happy with the work so far and hope to further explore the canvas with help from the community.

Mr Walls said: "I think it's a very positive thing we are doing, I have lived and worked around Bishop Auckland now for a long time and although the town is slowly being improved, this area has always been dead and could really use some colour.

"I see a lot of really low quality graffiti around on people's business and homes and there is no need for it.

"If it's going to happen it may as well be on these allocated walls and done well.”

Cllr Joy Allen said: "The concept of legal graffiti was new to me before I came across Dan's work. Seeing him and the other professional graffiti artists using the bland uninspiring walls as their blank canvass to create unique colourful wall art has totally transformed this particular commercial quarter and I'm sure it will help to attract creative artists to set up business in this area of the town. Recently a number of new restaurants and cafes have opened up in this area and I hope many more will follow and join this creative community."

The group has been working closely with the Art Bunker who donated the building as a canvas and work with Durham Police to make sure the project is supervised.

The Art Bunker and Smokehouse was set up two years ago in the hopes of using spaces in the town to promote community art, music and culture.

Mr Wall's idea for the legal street art came after he painted a logo for the Bishop Auckland Food Festival.

The artist is looking for property donations and other artists to get involved in the project.

If you have a wall or any spray paint you would like to donate email Mr Walls at

Art enthusiasts can also get in touch in by calling Smokehouse Railway Street on

01388-227187 or messaging the team on Facebook @smokehouserailwaystreet.