A SCHOOL has been praised for nurturing positive relationships among pupils in a bid to prevent and tackle issues of bullying.

The Bullying Intervention Group supported Rosa Street Primary School, in Spennymoor, to promote understanding of all sorts of relationships and it did such a good job it gained the BIG Award for a second time.

Headteacher Helen Ashton said: "We are so pleased to have a range of support strategies in place as a school and our children take an active role in this– buddies, play leaders and time to talk mentors.

"Our friendship stop is also well manned to ensure that all children have a happy play time.

"We want to help our children to form good relationships and respect one another, to encourage them to be good and active citizens and give them strategies for life.

"We're thrilled with the award."

Val McFarlane, director of Bullying Intervention Group, said: "The school has a range of excellent anti-bullying strategies including a robust, up to date, anti-bullying policy, fully trained peer supporters, lots of anti-bullying awareness raising, staff training, monitoring and recording and a focus group which meets regularly to discuss anti-bullying and plan ahead.

"This is why the school has a lovely, inclusive and nurturing atmosphere in which the pupils can play and learn without fear of intimidation.

"I am so pleased that Rosa Street Primary School has now been awarded this accolade for their hard work."