A RAFT of parking restrictions will be introduced in Newton Aycliffe after they were backed by councillors.

Durham County Council’s highways committee discussed proposals to update parking rules with new traffic regulation orders (TROs) following consultation with residents, councillors and business owners.

Under the plans, double yellow lines will be introduced in Newton Aycliffe to improve access for businesses, improve road safety and tackle obstructive parking.

This includes Hurworth Road following reports of vehicles blocking access for HGVs.

During consultation, objections were lodged from businesses in the industrial area claiming the TRO would have a negative impact on trade.

But strategic traffic manager on the council, Dave Wafer, said HGVs combined with obstructive parking could create issues “detrimental to highway safety".

Another plan included double yellow lines on Greenfield Way, near Greenfield Community College and the junctions of Malvern Way and Alston Crescent.

While concerns were raised about the restrictions forcing more parking into residential areas, traffic officers stressed the changes would improve road safety.

Mr Wafer said: “Not only do schools attract people in parked vehicles but they attract a large number of children by definition.

“Where children are crossing the road in areas like this we want to stop cars parking, if the odd extra car goes into a side street that’s not where the children are crossing. So yes it may appear to local residents to be to their detriment. But from a highway safety point of view, you’re separating parked vehicles from children crossing the road, which in my view, is the most important factor to be addressed by that.”

Following discussion, councillors backed plans for the changes, including double yellow lines on narrow roads around Middridge Village Hall to improve access and “maintain the flow of traffic".

The final say rests with the council’s corporate director before the restrictions are enforced.

Double yellow lines will be introduced in– Hurworth Road, Greenfield Way and the junctions of Malvern Way and Alston Crescent, Middridge Village, Millennium Way/Moordale Road and Long Tens Way, and Welbury Grove and the junction of Central Avenue.