CHOCOLATE rivers, Oompha Loopers, sweets of every kind, wonderful inventions and Willy Wonka will be on display in a new children’s play.

Young performers from Sedgefield Players Youth Section 'Spys' are taking on the roles and will turn Sedgefield Parish Hall into a chocolate factory.

Taking the lead as Willy Wonka is Kerion O’Donnell who has been commended as a wonderful singer and actor.

A spokesperson for the group said: "He really brings this colourful character to life."

Young Charlie Bucket is played by the group's very own Charlie – Charlie Lines, ably assisted by grandpa Joe – Joshua White.

Other cast members include Emily Legender – who turns into a blueberry – as Violet Beauregard, Kelsey White who plays spoilt brat Veruca Salt – who gets thrown down the garbage shute.

Mike Teevee who shrinks in the TV machine will be played by Alisha Quinn and Augustus Gloop will be played by Naomi Law who gets sucked into the chocolate river.

Other 'SPYS' players will take to the stage as the children's parents and Oompa Loompas and squirrels.

The performances will take place on Friday, July 19 and Saturday, July 20.

Tickets are cost £7 and are available from Tickety Boo.

They can also be purchased from or by calling 07957-104434

The 'Spys' meet weekly at Sedgefield Parish Hall - any child aged seven or older is welcome to join.