MARTIAL artists from a village club took home all the silverware from a regional championship event.

Frosterley Chungdokwan Taekwondo Club competed in The Taekwondo charity competition, in Darlington, which saw members compete in six different categories to win points for their team.

At the end of the day an overall coloured belt team was announced as well as an overall black belt team– and Frosterley won both accolades.

Instructor Katey Wallace, 5th Dan, said: “The students in this club are amazing.

“Their hard work, determination and passion are never questioned and they put their heart and soul into everything they do. As a team and as a club as a whole they have worked so hard for this event and they greatly deserved the success they received at this competition.”

The coloured belt overall team comprised of sisters Ella and Lily Wright, 11 and ten, and Ella Ramsey,12. All three train twice a week at Frosterley Village Hall. The black belt team was made up of Daniel Graham, 17, Max Cruddas, 17, Francesca Cruddas, 14, and Ruby Cruddas, 12.

Medal winners from the club were: Zak Lee (2 silver) Jacob Birnie (gold, bronze), Lily Hutchinson (gold, silver, bronze), Lily Wright (4 gold, silver, bronze), Ella Wright (gold, 2 silver, bronze), Andrea Hogarth (gold), Ruby Cruddas (2 gold, silver, 2 bronze), Henry Fowler (gold, silver), Kiera Starkey (silver), Francesca Cruddas (2 gold), Dan Graham (2 gold, 2 silver), Max Cruddas (3 gold, silver, bronze), Ella Ramsay (2 gold, 2 bronze), Ben Hogarth (2 silver), Rebecca Hogarth (3 silver), Ethan Smith (gold), Ryan Wise-Rowley (gold, bronze), Kyle Emerson (gold, bronze), Charlotte Hogarth (silver).

The club welcomes children from seven, adults and runs family friendly classes. To book a free taster session call Katey on 07901-650796 or book online at