A DOZEN councillors have promised to draw a line under months of instability and division for the sake of their town.

For two years, the Spennymoor Independents People Before Politics (SIPBP) group held a majority at Spennymoor Town Council.

But, earlier this month, SIPBP collapsed after most its members resigned.

Now, 12 members from different political backgrounds have formed a new group which they hope will end instability and confusion at Spennymoor Town Hall and make it easier for progress to be made on council business.

A statement from the 'Together for Spennymoor' group said: "This is not and will not be a political party or a political group, we will not be holding regular pre-meeting meetings, voting as a group in the same direction on every issue or agreeing a collective position before meetings. We will remain as 'real' independent councillors, but within this town council grouping for administrative purposes only– for decisions like nominating committee chairs."

They say the move will enable council activity to be done 'effectively and efficiently'.

The group consists of Councillors Ian Geldard, Neil Grayson, Paul Humble, Clive Maddison, Liz Maddison, Billy McAloon, Pete Molloy, Christine Sproat, Lisa Thompson, Kathy Thompson, Kevin Thompson and Elizabeth Wood.

"We recognise that each of us comes from different political backgrounds and ideals, but with one common aim– to ensure the town council can function effectively for the people of Spennymoor and do the best for our town," the statement adds.

Cllr Liz Maddison, former spokesperson for SIPBP, said: "What has happened in the past, is in the past and we see this as a way of moving forward. We all want to improve the lot for Spennymoor and hope this helps.

"If you look at the national Government, you can see that all parties need to work together in order to make progress."

And Cllr Geldard, who recently resigned from The Labour Party, said previous division has seen taxpayers' money wasted and working together, regardless of party colours, is the way to achieve the best for the town.