MEMBERS of the North-East’s only Kyokushin karate club are celebrating after taking club level gradings.

Seven club members were tested for two hours on technique, kata, stamina and ability.

Jack Walker progressed to white belt black stripe, Sam Walker graded to orange belt and James Cooke gained his blue belt. While Evie Walker and Michelle Turnbull were both successful in achieving their yellow belts. Bradley Hall achieved his yellow belt black stripe and Lee Corner jumped colours from yellow belt black stripe to green belt.

Spennymoor based club coach Adam Walker said: “Standards in our club have always been extremely high. We expect nothing but the best from our students. Kyokushin karate is not an easy option.

"I am pleased by the results of this grading and I am extremely proud of everyone who took part. The results prove that training regularly and hard pays off.”

The next grading will take place at the annual Kyokushin national summer camp in August.

For information search Chikara Dojo on Facebook or email Alternatively call Adam Walker on 07713-411198.