A YOUNG cyclist is organising a community safety event to encourage others to wear helmets.

Mattie Buddle, 12, is hosting the event at Crook Community Leisure, from 12pm on Saturday, and has created a presentation featuring statistics about the risks.

People who attend will be able to get a safety pack, t-shirts with logos, wristbands and pens.

Mattie, who is in year eight at Wolsingham Comprehensive School, who rides a mountain bike near his home in Crook, said: “It is all about promoting safety on bikes and advising people to wear helmets.

“I have researched how dangerous it can be if you are not wearing one.

“It concerned me so I thought I would organise this event.”

Around a year ago Mattie had an accident on his own bike, but was uninjured because of his protective headgear.

He said: “I pressed my brakes and I skidded off. I whacked my head and it scratched my helmet but at least I have not got a scar there now.

“I see a lot of people out on the road without a helmet that encouraged me to do this event.

“I’ve got a pledge for people to sign up to on the day saying they will not ride without a helmet, so I can take that back to the Government and say this is how many lives I have potentially saved.”

Mattie’s father, Steve Buddle, said: “We are very proud of him. Maybe with something this he can make difference.”