A COUNCILLOR has said candidates should be "compelled" to divulge their address following a change in the law giving them the option to withhold it.

Durham County Councillor for Weardale, John Shuttleworth, said he did not agree with a change of law brought in by the Government which means candidates in local elections will no longer have to state their home address.

It follows a document published by the Parliamentary Committee on Standards in Public Life called Review of Intimidation in Public Life, where it recommended removing the personal detail.

The Government said removing the detail would "avoid capable individuals being deterred from standing for office because they believe the process risks their safety or makes them vulnerable to abusive activity".

Parliament has now amended the rules that apply to local government, parish council, and local and combined authority mayor elections, removing the requirement.

However, Cllr Shuttleworth, said he thought the decision was "totally and utterly wrong".

"If you are going to stand you are there to be contactable," he said. "What's the point in standing if people cannot contact you?"