ONE man and his dog have launched an annual fundraiser in aid of a charity they are passionate about.

PDSA poster-boys Geoffrey Gregg and his beloved pet Patch bought and donated a giant teddy bear for a charity prize draw.

Customers at The Old Mill, at Metal Bridge, County Durham, are asked to make a donation and suggest a name for the bear. A winner will be chosen and will win the 6ft soft toy before Christmas.

Mr Gregg, a retired clerical worker from Tursdale, County Durham, is a big supporter of the pet charity.

He has held raffles and fundraising draws and always makes donations when his crossbreed rescue dog is treated at its Sunderland hospital.

Patch needs regular check-ups for a skin allergy and earlier this year was treated after swallowing a rabbit whole.

The 71-year-old said: "I've had Patch six or seven years, and they always do such a good job looking after him.

"The vets and all the staff are incredible and we really like to support them as much as we can, the treatment is free but we make a generous donation."

The duo have featured in promotional videos, posters and publication for the charity.

Mr Gregg thanked landlady Lene Salicki and staff at The Old Mill for running the draw on his behalf.