DEDICATED pupils have been praised by The Royal British Legion for their Poppy Appeal .

Youngsters at St Cuthbert's Primary School, in Crook, worked hard to create a variety of poppies and other works following a visit from The West End Company which ran a poetry and poppies workshop.

The children learnt all about the First World War and staff continued with several activities the following week including writing letters home from the front, making trenches and poppies out of clay and selling poppies for the Legion.

All the children also visited the town's cenotaph where they laid wreaths, painted stones and held a minutes' silence.

Acting headteacher, Michelle McElhone, said: "As a school we felt it was important for the children to commemorate the 100 years since the Armistice of the First World War but not just as a historical lesson rather as an understanding and appreciation of the importance of peace. As the future generation we hope they can take their learning and create a world that is appreciative, respectful, caring, loving and peaceful."