A FIREWORKS display and a Christmas event are at the top of a council's events wishlist.

Ferryhill Town Council recently set up a new events management sub-committee which will have around £15,000 to spend each year.

Members have come up with more than 30 potential projects and events to consider organising in future.

At a meeting last month, councillors agreed to prioritise a fireworks or pyrotechnics display and a festive event that would not duplicate established Christmas fairs in the community.

Grants and projects officer Karen Younghusband told members that an early estimate of costs for a company to provide a pyrotechnics show– with health and safety checks, marshals, children's rides and refreshments– would be around £8,000.

Council staff would litter pick and help on the night but need experts to manage the whole event.

The council agreed to put in cash– £6,000 for the two events– and funding is currently being sought from Durham County Councillors through the 4Together Partnership. Councillor Joe Makepeace has already allocated £3,000 towards it and the council would look to meet any shortfall.

Mrs Younghusband said the number of tickets should be limited and suggested charging adults £2 each towards costs.

Dean Bank Park was identified as the best possible venue, with Mainsforth Sports Complex deemed too far out and Surtees Green unsuitable.

Concerns were raised about the state the park would be left in and how muddy the fields could be in November, due to footfall after bad weather.

Councillor Kath Conroy was among those worried about the impact on neighbours and animals.

"In the last two years 15 horses died as a result of fireworks," she said.

It was suggested that 2018 would be a good year to host such an event as the park will undergo work next year.

And people and rides could be located on the car park with the fireworks released from the field.

Consideration would also be given to using the quietest pyrotechnics to disturb people and pets as little as possible.