A LITTLE girl’s eye-catching poster will be display across her village as part of an anti-litter campaign.

Children at Hunwick Primary School were challenged to come up with a poster to encourage people to dispose of their litter correctly for a competition set by Durham County Council’s Civic Pride Team.

Kaisey Cowell’s poster impressed the judges the most and the five-year-old was rewarded with a gift voucher, presented by the council’s anti-litter mascot Tidy Ted.

Her design will also be made into a poster or bin stick to be displayed in Hunwick.

The assemblies and competition are part of the It’s Your Town Project, which is funded by the 3 Towns Area Action Partnership (AAP).

AAP co-ordinator Sandy Denney said: “Kaisey’s poster got the message across in a simple but appealing way.

“Educating children about the importance of caring for and protecting their local environment helps them to see their individual impact on the community.”