A MAN tired of encountering discarded bags of dog faeces on his favourite footpath is urging pet owners to be more responsible.

Derek Parker, from Bishop Auckland, counted 15 bags of dog waste in a 100-yard stretch of the old railway line between the Kynren entrance on the outskirts of the town to Hunwick.The problem is worst around the car park area, where a dog waste bin was located prior to the Kynren development.

Mr Parker has asked Durham County Council to reinstate the bin and is appealing to dog owners to think twice before throwing the bags on the floor.

“It’s so important to protect the environment,” he said.

Ian Hoult, the council’s neighbourhood protection manager, said: “We have visited this location and while there are dog bins close by which are not full, we will be looking at whether we can provide any more.

We share the resident’s concerns over the number of bags which appeared to have been discarded and would ask people not to spoil other’s enjoyment of this footpath by doing so.”

Full dog wast bins can be reported at durham.gov.uk/dogfouling or by calling 03000-260000