A SOLO cyclist has just completed an incredible six-month bike ride which took him through 13 countries, from one end of Africa to the other.

Jack White, 28, from Barnard Castle, set off from beneath the pyramids of Cairo in April this year and since then has cycled 12,000 km across the vast continent without any support.

Now he has completed his adventure, having finished his journey at the base of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, and will be flying back home later this month.

His epic trip also took him through Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia, negotiating deserts and high mountain passes.

“I’d always wanted to do a proper adventure and in my mind Africa is still the one truly wild place left.

“But the amazing thing when you are out there is the people are incredible, they have been so generous. They were so welcoming and always inviting me for a meal.”

Mr White said the toughest part of his trip was the mountainous terrain of Ethiopia, where one morning he descended a height higher than Ben Nevis, then had to climb back up an equally grueling ascent on the other side.

Catching dysentery along the way and suffering food poisoning after a breakfast of offal in Uganda also set him back.

With no support team or alternative, or straight forward means of getting back, he had to rest until he could continue on his way.

He trip was to raise funds for Farm Africa, which works with local farmers to pioneer techniques that boost harvest, reduce poverty and sustain natural resources.

Hunger still kills more people than AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined, but Africa possesses 60 per cent of the world’s uncultivated crop land.

Mr White has raised just short of his £10,000 target for his charity.

To learn more about his cycle ride, or to donate money, visit his website; http://www.jackcyclesafrica.com/#/the-charity/4570930208