For over 150 years The Northern Echo has been telling stories from the North East and North Yorkshire.

We have always been proud to serve our communities, champion local people and businesses, and showcase our beautiful region.

That is why we have decided to make it even easier to follow the news from your area.

We love how proud North Yorkshire people are and that is exactly why we want to promote the county and give this beautiful place a platform to share its stories. 

Chief North Yorkshire Reporter Alexa Fox said: “From iconic landmarks such as Whitby Abbey and Ripon Cathedral, to the unspoilt beauty of the Moors and Dales, Yorkshire truly is God’s Own Country – and anybody who lives in North Yorkshire will rightly tell you it’s the best bit.

“The patch may be largely rural, but that doesn’t mean it’s quiet and it’s a pleasure to tell the stories of the many characters who live here and report on all the wonderful things that happen across the county.”

So, what are you waiting for? Come and join us…

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Meet the North Yorkshire team

The North Yorkshire reporters for The Northern Echo are:

Chief Reporter: Alexa Fox - @EchoAlexa

Reporter: Connor Larman - @ConnorLarmanNE

Reporter: Janet Gleeson - @JanetGleeson

Local Democracy Reporter: Stuart Minting - @SMintingEcho

Digital Reporter/Editor: Jim Scott - @jimscottjourno

Community Content Editor: Ashley Barnard - @ABarnardEcho

Audience and Content Editor: Nick Gullon - @echonickg

Audience and Content Editor: Andrew White - @apwecho

The Northern Echo: North Yorkshire Moors Railway

Group Editor Karl Holbrook said: “We are proud to serve the individual communities that make up this amazingly diverse patch.

“That’s why from today we are splitting up our team to better serve our key areas from Darlington and Teesside to County Durham and North Yorkshire.

“These key areas will have their own team of dedicated journalists reporting on the issues that matter most to people on the ground.

“Each new team will curate a bespoke section of our website dedicated to these key areas and make sure their content is showcased better than ever to the audiences that want it.  

“It will be a work in progress and further changes will be announced in the coming weeks as we look to launch newsletters and other exciting developments built around our different communities and audiences.

“We are so excited about these changes and hope our readers support it by bookmarking the new sections of the website and by following the new Facebook pages.”