SHE’S a fluffy bundle of mischief - and she’s causing havoc in the life of Sophie Abbott.

The barn owl chick is only about five-and-a-half-weeks old and is currently being raised by 21-year-old Sophie at her home.

The captive-bred youngster - known as Lila - had to be taken away from her parents when only a few days old, as her father was trying to eat her.

Now she’ll stay at the home of her human foster-mum for another few weeks before she’s ready to take up life in an aviary at Swinton Park Birds of Prey.

Sophie set up the bird of prey centre at the Swinton Park Hotel, near Masham, three years ago and as well as owls flies buzzards, hawks and falcons.

Her interest in owls began at the age of 12 - thanks to Hedwig in the Harry Potter books - but before getting one of her own she had to learn all about them, at the insistence of her mum.

Since then her hobby has blossomed into a fully-fledged career, holding demonstrations and running experience days.

“I got Lila when she as only a few days old - and now she thinks she rules the roost,” she said.

“She’s inquisitive about everything and is forever knocking ornaments over. She’s like a puppy with wings and feathers.”