A GRANT has helped kickstart a project in Stokesley to ensure the area around the River Leven is safer.

Fencing around the river, which had been deemed a safety hazard, has been replaced with the help of £5,000 from Hambleton District Council.

Mike Canavan, of Stokesley Manorial Lands Trust said: “Walking by the river has been for many years a popular and pleasurable pastime for both residents of and visitors to Stokesley. Our old fence was in need of urgent replacement and thanks to the district council we were able to replace it with new fencing in a traditional style that is consistent with its location in the Stokesley Conservation Area.

“We are now turning our attention to phase two of the project and consultants have been appointed and are preparing a full design of the remainder of the programme which includes repairing and rebuilding the river wall and creating a more accessible footpath.”