HEALTH bosses say they are becoming increasingly alarmed that patients are living with undiagnosed serious conditions such as heart disease and cancer.

As video appointments with GPs soared during the lockdown they say it’s imperative that anyone with concerns contacts their doctor.

In the last four months 17,500 virtual consultations have been held with patients across York and North Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group which has 77 GP practices.

Clinical Lead, Dr Nigel Wells, said: “It’s very important that patients who have health concerns don’t put off seeking help and advice from their GP or other health professional.

“We are becoming increasingly alarmed that patients are living with serious conditions like heart disease and cancer that have not been diagnosed and are going untreated; our message is simple, if you are worried about your health, get in touch with your surgery and make an appointment. Practices are offering telephone and video appointments where appropriate, but face-to-face appointments are still available to patients who need them.”

Clinical Chair, Dr Charles Parker, said patients can contact NHS 111 online for advice and if they were still worried to get in touch with their GP.

He added: “As more services start returning to normal, now is not the time to be delaying a conversation if you have a health problem. If you are still worried get in touch with your practice for an appointment.”