COUNCILLORS are appealing for backing to help a community plant the seeds of recovery and support a town as it works to bounce back from the pandemic.

They’re helping Northallerton burst into bloom over the summer and prepare it for next year when they’re planning a major campaign to compete in the Yorkshire in Bloom competition along with the RHS Britain in Bloom awards.

After months of lockdown and restrictions because of the Covid-19 virus, urgent work has been carried out over the past few weeks to improve the town’s floral areas.

The teams have particularly focused on Grace Gardner Court and roundabouts at either end of the town which are sponsored by Maxwells electricals and Barkers department store.

Northallerton Town Council had hoped at the beginning of the year to work with Yorkshire in Bloom to encourage businesses and shops across the community to establish planters and floral displays.

Councillor Caroline Young said: “The competition has been postponed for this year but we really want people to help us make the town look good for the summer and autumn.

“It’s been such a difficult time for everybody over the past few months and we want to make the town look welcoming and bright for us all.”

“We have so much to offer in Northallerton.

“And it’s not just the High Street, there are the outer areas, the pubs and bigger shops on the outskirts.

“We can do so much with flowers and plants, hanging baskets, the more the better.

“I’ve been asking all the shop owners and businesses to get involved.

“If we start this year then next year we can really go to town with the campaign, and it all helps to encourage people to come and spend some leisure time in the town, and for local people they can make the most of their town.”

Northallerton has been successful in Yorkshire in Bloom in the past with major support in the town through a group specially set up over a decade ago, Northallerton Blooming Together.

Now the town council is hoping they can create more support and encourage the community to get involved.

Cllr Young added: “It’s so important that we help each other to support the town, I am really looking forward to the rest of this year I think we can do a lot.

“And that will all help to really push next year.

“I would really like to hear from anyone who can help or wants to get involved.”

Email Cllr Young at