A DEVELOPER has promised to invest almost £1.5 million into Ripon’s community and infrastructure alongside its new housing development.

Bishop’s Glade is a collection of three, four and five-bedroom properties built by Harron Homes.

Alongside its work on the scheme, the housebuilder has pledged to make a range of contributions to augment local services and facilities, with £509,850 being committed to improving educational standards on a local scale across a three year period.

Similarly, a total of £500,000 will be used to enhance public transportation over the course of four years, while a further £80,000 will help to ease the flow of traffic at junctions.

Additional investments in the cathedral city include £50,960 towards the upkeep of cemeteries, £59,754 for outdoor sports facilities, £60,000 for a school travel plan, and £65,000 on vouchers for sustainable travel.

Noel Adams of Harron Homes Yorkshire, said: “It is our pleasure to be providing these contributions for the benefit of people living in and around Ripon.

“Bishop’s Glade is helping to bring more and more facilities to the area, and will in particular assist in supporting local education and highways.

“Given the level of interest that we’ve already received in response to the development, we don’t expect the remaining homes to stay on the market for much longer, so anyone who hopes to join this exiting, new community is urged to get in touch without delay.”