A CINEMA volunteer group celebrating its 25th anniversary next month has embraced technology to keep audiences entertained during coronavirus measures.

April marks 25-years since the Ritz Volunteer Group took over the Ritz Cinema in Thirsk.

Like all leisure venues, it has had to shut under social distancing measures introduced last week.

However, treasurer and web-master Martin Unné, has come up with a novel solution to keep interest in the cinema - an online cinematic quiz.

He said: “I hope to give a few moments of amusement to anyone who is presently stuck inside.”

More than 75 volunteers are involved in the cinema’s operation, including older people and those living on their own. It is a huge part of their social scene and it is hoped the quiz can help keep people connected.

Volunteer Marc Davies said: “Although only a small thing I think Martin’s quiz is a great way for people to get a bit of respite and it’ll help keep the volunteers involved.

“I hope people will enjoy it and other volunteers will come up with questions of their own that Martin can then upload.

“Provided the quiz gets the hits and we have people happy to draft questions hopefully it’ll run and run and give people just a little something to look forward to”. Visit ritzcinema.co.uk