A SPORTS therapist has launched new workshops to help people in pain.

Experienced North Yorkshire-based sports physiotherapist, Nicole Brûlé-Walker, has launched her Move Well exercise class as a two-hour workshop to help people resolve recurrent injuries.

Nicole, a trained sports physiotherapist as well as massage therapist and pilates instructor, has been working in the industry for 20 years. Her expertise is in evaluating how the whole body moves and how old injuries can play a big part in how you feel now.

Nicole said: “Most therapies that people have experienced are very focussed on the area of pain. My experience is that this is rarely where the problem started. I help people find the why”

The first workshop is being held at Bedale Hall on Wednesday, March 4. Move Well participants will be guided through a short assessment called ‘Know your Body’ so they can become more aware of how they move. We explore small gentle exercises and how these can restore better movement and reduce pain. Each person will come away with a short exercise routine that is individual and unique to them.

Jane, one of the regular Move Well class participants has learned so much her own body and is feeling more in control of her own health, she says “Nicole understands body mechanics and how different areas relate to one another. I would and have recommended her to anyone who is suffering from chronic pain related to movement or posture”

Nicole said: "Learning more about your own body is priceless.

"Any time spent on helping yourself move better is never wasted time."