ROTARIANS in Northallerton have filled a pile of shoeboxes with everyday essentials and little luxuries to bring joy to some of the poorest people in Eastern Europe.

The Rotary Club of Northallerton Mowbray supported the national Rotary Shoebox campaign by filling 25 boxes with the little items that most of us take for granted.

Rotary Shoeboxes go to children of all ages, teenagers and adults in countries such as Belarus, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova.

Club president Anne Wall said: “Many of the people who receive the boxes have next to nothing and every little thing brightens up their lives.”

The shoeboxes are filled with small, non-perishable gifts that are suitable for an infant, child or their family and are distributed by Rotarians abroad.

All schools, groups and organisations are welcome to support the mission to spread a little happiness to disadvantaged children and adults in Eastern Europe.

The filled boxes are then returned to the central warehouse and for subsequent delivery to Eastern Europe.

Rotary Shoebox is a registered not for profit charity with no paid employees and has been operating for more than 25 years. In that time more than one million boxes have been filled and distributed.