A COUNCIL is supplying free lids for recycling boxes in a bid to help keep the district clean.

Richmondshire residents are being asked to make sure they now secure all recycling within their boxes by using the free lids provided by the District Council.

Until recently nets were supplied to cover the boxes but they were also causing problems when being emptied, so lids are now available.

Councillor Philip Wicks explained: “During the recent windy weather some residents put boxes out without lids which has resulted in recycling blowing away and littering the district.

“We are now using lids because they are more user friendly for the crews.

"People cannot over fill boxes and we know we can contain littering.

"We urge people to put a lid on this problem.”

Lids are available free of charge from the collections crews and district council offices in Richmond, Reeth, Hawes, Leyburn and Colburn.

Deliveries will be made to elderly and disabled residents.

The recycling boxes should be used to dispose of cans, bottles, paper, cardboard and plastics/

The Richmondshire District Council team collects them from the kerbside fortnightly and it is hoped that the new lids will make the process smoother.