A GROUP of budding entrepreneurs attended a Discovery Day at The University of Leeds to gain an insight into the exciting and broad range of business courses offered.

Organised through the Excellence Hub, a partnership between the universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York, Year 7 and 8 students from Richmond School were encouraged to think about how their core school subjects give them the skills and foundations for higher education.

A great mix of taster sessions were designed to be fun and interactive, enabling students to develop skills such as teamwork, communication and creative problem solving, and ultimately encourage them to consider the various pathways to success.

The first workshop focused on business finance and students had to solve a complex accounting problem in teams to calculate the net worth of an individual. The students also completed a decision-making activity where they worked on a NASA survival challenge, using maths and statistics to analyse their individual and team results.

Arlo Wheatley said: “We saw so many interesting things and found out that the university has a target to get rid of plastic by 2022.” Lily Parker added: “The lecturers and student ambassadors were very open and honest about the university and we gained a lot of information.”