VISITORS to Thorp Perrow Arboretum will be greeted by carpets of snowdrops heralding the start of the woodland's famous floral bulb displays.

The snowdrops adorn Springs Wood and visitors are encouraged to pick up a Snowdrop Trail map throughout February and follow the highlighted route.

Enthusiasts will also be able to spot the flowering Hamamelis in bloom, whose perfumed spider-like flowers add a much-needed touch of colour at this time of year.

Meanwhile, the Milbank Pinetum holds a collection of evergreens dating back to the 1800s and are an important part of plant collecting in the country.

Tree planting season runs throughout winter in the Arboretum as Thorp Perrow curator, Faith Douglas, explains: “Each year we plant around 50 trees. This year has been extra special as we have planted 80 trees, adding some incredibly exciting and rare additions to our collections such as Magnolia officinalis var.biloba.”

On Saturday Ms Douglas will launch the Winter Family Welly Walk encouraging families to go for a winter stroll.