A SCHEME to support people with a learning disability to get out and get active in a way that is flexible and fun has been launched in Hambleton.

Mencap is promoting its ‘Round the World Challenge’ which is all about turning hours of fun, sports and physical activities into an around the world adventure. People taking part are issued with a passport to log the hours of activity which is then calculated into the distance travelled.

Hambleton District Council is working with Northallerton and the Dales Mencap to set up new activities to add to their sports programme for Round the World hours.

There are three different routes, for the UK with 20 hours, Europe with 40 hours and the World with 100 hours of activity with people getting a postcard from a different location as the number of hours they do takes them further around the world.

Councillor Bridgette Fortune said:"People with a learning disability can face greater challenges getting active, including being unable to find sports centres or having low confidence following bad experiences.

"As well as the health benefits of increasing physical activity, being involved in sport can boost confidence in other areas including employment, reducing loneliness and building friendships. This is a truly amazing initiative."