A LEADING member of the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority has written a personal account of the diminished state of nature in his local area and has called for action over the climate emergency.

Ian McPherson, the authority's member champion for the natural environment, says that bird species such as curlew, ring ousel and “one of the most beautiful of all birds – the waxwing”, as well as other animals such as brown hares, are either now completely gone or much diminished in the Sedbergh area. of the Dales.

He says the National Park Authority itself, though having a net zero carbon footprint, could do more to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions and be kinder to the environment, and notes that the Authority will be publishing a detailed plan of action in March.

Mr McPherson is also calling on people to change their habits in an attempt to stave off the current climate emergency, and take steps such as flying and driving less and buying quality meat from sustainable local producers, rather than intensively reared imports.

He said: "The question for all of us is what can each one of us do in our own daily lives to address the present climate emergency?"