A COUPLE with a passion for travel and documenting what inspires them along the way are holding an exhibition of photography and paintings.

Phil and Eileen Goldsborough, from Middleton-St-George, are exhibiting at The Station, Richmond, until January 22 on the Mezzanine Gallery.

Striking Images 2 is the couple's second collection of work around images that have particularly inspired them.

Mr Goldsborough said: "We travel a lot, and our work is influenced by the colours and characters we see. This exhibition is made up of 40 paintings and 40 photographs by Eileen. We have been across Asia and South America and looked at the art that was being produced by local people.

"In Peru, the colours everywhere just knocked me dead. I took photos to remind me of the colour and styles being used and tried to use them in my own work.

"In Bangkok, I watched an artist working with just one huge brush in one colour for the background, and I thought it was such a lovely effect.

"There are five different sections within the exhibition, including birds, animals and plants."

The exhibition follows one from April 2019 when the couple held their first major exhibition together, called Characters and Characteristics of the Caribbean and Cuba.

Also held at The Station, the collection of over 120 pieces of work was hugely successful with visitors from across the country.

The Station is open 9am to 9pm.