MORE than two dozen new PCSOs will soon be out on the beat after successfully completing their initial training.

The 28 new recruits, whose backgrounds include a parish councillor, TV extra, sled dog trainer, professional dancer and a member of the Military Wives Choir, have just undergone an intensive ten-week training programme.

Their ages range from 19 to 62-year-old Gary Grieve who is the force’s eldest new recruit.

He brings a myriad life experiences to the role, from being a TV extra in New Zealand to working with older and vulnerable people.

Mr Grieve said: “I became a PCSO at the age of 62 because it is a job which offers a challenge and utilises many of the skills that I have gained over the past 30 years.

"I have worked in a variety of community settings, with the elderly, people with learning difficulties, the homeless, and people with drug addiction. And I believe that I can make a contribution to the work of North Yorkshire Police.”

Youngest recruit Ethan Sampson, comes to the force straight from sixth form college.

He said: "Once I left sixth form, I thought my studying days were over, but then I signed up to a job with ten-weeks classroom-based learning.

"My interest in the police came from an extended project at college about armed police officers. I'm hoping my role as a PCSO will stand me in good stead to eventually become a police officer."

The new PCSOs attended their passing out ceremony at police headquarters on Friday in front of proud family and friends and will now be assigned to their respective teams across York and North Yorkshire.

Deputy Chief Constable Phil Cain welcomed the new PCSOs to the North Yorkshire Police family.

He said: “I’m delighted to welcome this latest intake of PCSOs who will play an integral, frontline role in helping to protect the communities of North Yorkshire.

"Their life and work experience, varied backgrounds and knowledge will be an asset to the force.

“They can be very proud of their achievement in getting to this stage in their policing and can now look forward to a challenging, varied and very rewarding career with us.

"I look forward to catching up with them as they take up their new roles across the force.”

Five of the new PCSOs will be posted to the Northallerton area.