A DRUG dealer has been jailed for more than seven years after being caught with drugs and weapons in his car.

Benjamin Underwood, 36, from Harrogate, pleaded guilty at York Crown Court on Friday, November 22 for the offences, which took place on September 17, 2019, when officers stopped his car in Silver Road, Harrogate.

Officers searched the car and found a tin containing 27 small bags of white powder and a bottle of ammonia. Underwood was arrested at the scene and a subsequent search of an address in Harrogate found two blocks of white powder, later found to be cocaine; a debt list and other drug paraphernalia; a Taser disguised as a torch; an air rifle and a black hand-gun.

The officer in the case, Corrina Graham-Merrett, said: “Working together with the Crime Prosecution Service and Forensic Services, we have been able to remove a dangerous drug dealer from the streets of Harrogate.

“Underwood caused misery to people in Harrogate and I am pleased he is now behind bars.

"I hope this also acts as a warning to others who think they can deal drugs and possess dangerous weapons in our towns – we will not tolerate the behaviour of criminals and we will do everything within our power to make sure you face the full force of the law.”

Anyone who has any information about drug dealing in North Yorkshire is asked to please contact the police.

Dial 101, press 1 and speak to the force control room.