A RANGE of handmade teapots from a Dales pottery depicting the best of British life are set to feature on US TV.

Ceramic Inspirations, based in Leyburn, is no stranger to the US market, having had teapots sold in department stores in the past, but is now set to feature on a popular US shopping channel.

Owner Ian Williamson said potters at the workshop had been preparing for the large order for several months, but once it had been confirmed they had to work right up to the deadline to get them finished in time to ship.

He said: "Shopping channel Shop HQ found us through our other US contacts, and they decided to feature three UK makers in some of its November shows.

"They don't just put the products on a table to sell them, they do a lifestyle story about where the products are made, and some background on the local area.

"The film crew will be at the Leyburn studio, interviewing makers, and we have some drone footage of Wensleydale they can use.

"It all helps to highlight the Yorkshire Dales, and even if it does not result in people coming to visit us from America, it could lead to them going online to buy products from us and other local producers, which can only be a positive thing."

The staff at Ceramic Inspirations will watch the live show at Simonstone Hall, streamed via the internet.

Mr Williamson said: "Hopefully this won't be a one-off with Shop HQ. This batch of products have a British or Christmas theme, with teapots including a Number 10 Downing Street, at Christmas, a Christmas Aga, Wensleydale Cheese, and Sunday lunch.

"We sent 770 teapots in all, in ten pallets, and we were working right to the last minute to get them sent off to the ship on time – but due to a problem with the vessel the shipment set off a week late, so we can only hope they make it to their destination of Kentucky on time.

"Shop HQ is already looking at using more of our products next year, in time for a special Valentine's edition, but it would need to be ready in early January so people can buy the teapots as Valentine's gifts.

"The last order took about six weeks to complete, despite them preparing some of the basic stages in August."

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