PLANS for a controversial extra care complex have come under fire within weeks of being submitted.

North Yorkshire County Council, Broadacres Housing Association and developers Taylor Gifford plan to build a 59 bed extra care complex on land in the centre of Bedale off Firby Road and Queen Anne’s Drive.

The plans have been submitted to Hambleton District Council and include the demolition of four existing Bungalows and removal of trees on the brownfield site to make way for the scheme.

The plan has attracted 33 objections amid fears it will cause traffic chaos and be a danger for residents.

The county council say: “A need for an extra care facility has been identified in the Bedale area which is the only market town in Hambleton not to have such a facility.

"Residents from Bedale who require such accommodation are required to move to Northallerton or Leyburn which are the nearest provision.”

Protestors are concerned that the site is off one of the busiest roads in the town and objector Craig Elsworth says: “The proposed development is accessed via Firby Road and the dangerous five lane ends Junction.

"Current volumes of traffic are high.

"Added congestion will raise the current levels of pollution and potentially create harm to residents including the young children that live in the area and use Firby road to access the Primary School.

"I would argue that traffic volumes to the site will have an irreversible negative impact.

"Passing this application will have a significant and dangerous impact on Firby road and the only people that can't see this are the developers.

"I trust the planning process will protect the safety of Bedale's residents.”

Another objector to the scheme, Trevor Pearson agrees that the location is unsuitable.

He says: “Right building but totally wrong location. I cannot believe that North Yorkshire Highways think that Five Lane Ends, Firby Road and Queen Anne’s Drive are suitable for use as primary access to the site.

"The matter of Highway safety and inadequate access surely must be sufficient grounds for refusal.”

Bedale Town Council meets on November 11 and will discuss the application