A WASTE recovery centre has helped reduce carbon emissions by 100,000 tonnes since March 2018. Allerton Waste Recovery Park, Knaresborough, has celebrated the new milestone of saving the emissions since operations by recovering materials and energy from householders’ waste which would otherwise have been landfilled.

Chairman of North Yorkshire County Council Jim Clark said: “Allerton Waste Recovery Park is a landmark development for North Yorkshire County Council and the City of York Council in our roles as waste disposal authorities. It provides us with a secure, long term, and cost effective recovery and disposal solution for our residual waste for 25 years.

"It delivers economic benefits for the area through high quality jobs, and has funded a Landscape and Cultural Heritage fund to assist with projects which enhance the landscape, cultural heritage and biodiversity of the local area. AWRP recognises our environmental responsibilities and has provided a significant opportunity to help us reduce our carbon emissions by reducing landfill, increasing recycling and generating electricity from our rubbish.”

Allerton Waste Recovery Park is operated by Amey on behalf of NYCC and City of York Council and was the first facility in the country to use mechanical treatment, anaerobic digestion and energy from waste on one site.