POLICE are asking householders to see their home through the eyes of a burglar as part of a burglary prevention campaign.

North Yorkshire Police has launched its awareness campaign to try and cut the number of burglaries as the nights draw in.

Throughout winter, the force will share advice about how residents can keep their home and property safe with advice about security, distraction burglary techniques and bogus callers.

Police will also continue to use the power of social media to request the public’s help to appeal for information regarding burglaries in the county and keep members of public up-to-date on investigations, charges and convictions.

Chief Constable Lisa Winward said: “Burglary is a callous crime that can have a devastating and long-lasting effect on its victims.

"Thankfully, North Yorkshire remains one of the safest places in the country and one of the least likely areas to be a victim of burglary but we can never be complacent.

“It can take just a few seconds for a burglar to break into your home but you can reduce the risk of becoming a victim by looking at your home security through the eyes of a burglar.

"What does a burglar see when they look at your home? How would you break in if you didn’t have a key? You may be surprised at how easy it would be.

“Just one simple action such as locking your door, changing the bulb on the security light or leaving a light on to make it look like you are home could make the difference between your home being broken into or not."