LANDOWNERS have been urged to take part in a scheme, which has already seen more than 65,000 trees planted in the Moors, over a three year period.

Farmers and estate owners have been asked to join the North York Moors National Park Authority's Woodland Creation Grant Scheme in a major bid to increase the number of woodland in the area.

It is claimed that the scheme, which has seen thousands of trees planted across the Moors, provides benefits to farmland production and enhance animal welfare.

Alasdair Fagan, woodland creation officer at the North York Moors National Park Authority, said: “The environmental gains from planting trees can be huge. One is that low density woodland can be created, which often fits into the local landscape better than dense woodland.

"The other is that 100 percent of the costs of the woodland creation are paid for."

Studies claim schemes such as the Woodland Creation Grant Scheme can reduce the number of newborn lambs being lost by predators during lambing season.

The North York Moors National Park Authority said the scheme is fully-funded and interested landholders are not required to fill out an application form to apply.

Interested landholders have been asked to contact Mr Fagan by telephone on 01439-772700 or via email