TRAINING sessions, which helped a 21-year-old woman save a stranger's life, are set to take place in schools across the county for 'Restart a Heart Day'.

CPR training sessions will take place in 45 schools across North Yorkshire on Wednesday, with trainers from the Yorkshire Ambulance Service delivering life-saving advice.

In 2015, coffee shop worker Martha Hogg delivered CPR to a customer who suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed.

Ms Hogg, who had taken part in the Restart a Heart Day, during sixth form, managed to keep her customer alive until the emergency services arrived.

Chrissy Blakely, a community defibrillator trainer with Yorkshire Ambulance Service, who also trained Ms Hogg the life-saving skills, said: "We know that what happens in the first few moments of a patient suffering a cardiac arrest is crucial.

"I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that one of our Restart a Heart Day students has gone on to use her CPR training to save someone’s life.

"That just sums up why it’s so important for us to do what we do on 16 October every year and why everyone should learn this vital skill.”