A PROGRAMME to convert street lights in North Yorkshire to LED is bringing environmental and financial benefits sooner than expected, a council has said.

North Yorkshire County Council said they have so far converted more than 35,000 streets lights – 80 per cent of the target number – to LED. This has generated energy and maintenance savings of £800,000 this financial year.

The three-year project brought a marked reduction in the County Council’s carbon footprint with more than 2,400 tonnes of CO2 saved annually and the number of street lighting defects reduced by about half.

County Councillor Don Mackenzie, Executive Member for Access, said: “Against a backdrop of spiralling energy costs and ever-rising inflationary pressures, modernising our streetlights is essential.

"The whole replacement programme is likely to be delivered early and under budget, and this will make a significant contribution to the county council’s savings targets and carbon reduction commitments.”