WINE lovers are being invited to share their passion with a challenge which will give them the opportunity to be part of a tasting panel.

Bon Coeur Fine Wines, based in Melsonby, near Richmond, is this year marking its 25th anniversary and as part of its celebrations has launched Taste Like A Wine Pro, which will allow keen novices the opportunity to sample a range of wines.

Around 20 wine lovers are now being sought to join the panel, which will see them receive six bottles of wines over a three month period, which they will need to review and then create their own tasting notes. Their comments and suggestions will be shared with a wide audience, via the Bon Coeur website and through social media channels.

The challenge, which launched on September 4, is open to everyone over the age of 18, from those new to wine drinking to more experienced wine enthusiasts.

The award-winning company is keen to debunk the myths around wine and to promote the fun it can offer. Everyone who successfully applies will be sent wines that are hand selected to suit their personal preferences and will then receive some pointers about how to write their tasting notes.

The top taster each month will receive a £100 voucher to spend with Bon Coeur.

Anyone interested in joining the panel should visit