A RECORD number of volunteers turned out to catch speeding drivers across the county.

More than 20 Community Speed Watch groups took part in monitoring roads for reckless drivers as part of a national campaign against.

The action, on Tuesday, was the county’s biggest ever turnout of Community Speed Watch groups on a single day.

Volunteers used a number of approaches, including monitoring speeds and providing high-visibility deterrents, to encourage motorists to observe speed limits and drive carefully in villages, suburbs and other residential areas.

They were supported by North Yorkshire Police’s safety camera vans and PSCO visits.

The deployments mark a nationwide campaign by TISPOL, the European Traffic Police Network, to reduce speeding.

Jamie Smith, of North Yorkshire Police’s Traffic Bureau, said: “Today’s record turnout sends a clear message to motorists that communities welcome careful drivers but will not tolerate speeding, careless driving or other behaviour that needlessly puts lives at risk.

“We’re extremely grateful to volunteers for the fantastic turnout today across 24 Community Speed Watch locations – it shows how much people care about this issue and support North Yorkshire Police’s attempts to tackle speeding.