A CONTROVERSIAL planning application to build a 38ft high cover in a village has been withdrawn.

The proposals made by the Great Ayton Tennis Club to install the cover over two existing tennis courts in Great Ayton, near Stokesley, was submitted to Hambleton District Council on January 14.

The application, included the construction of an 11.8 metre all-weather cover at the tennis club, which was described as a means to attract visitors from across the region, and allow players to use the site all-year-round.

But residents living on Mill Terrace in the village, claimed the planning application would impact on the view from the adjacent homes and reduce housing values, while some claimed the “super-sized structure” would not be “in-keeping” with the village.

One resident said: “Our point remains that this is exactly the reason it should not be in a rural village.

“Great Ayton is not a town, urbanised or market, nor a city – we do not live in a village for supersized facilities quite literally on our doorstep.”

Another concerned resident told The Northern Echo: “One of our concerns is the devaluation of property on Mill Terrace.

“I work from home so my day-to-day life will be impacted, I would feel overwhelmed – I’d probably look at moving homes.”

Consultations into the plans officially closed on May 21, attracting a total of 71 formal objections to the all-weather cover.

The planning application was due to be decided on Friday, August 2, however the application was fully withdrawn by tennis club officials.

It is not clear whether tennis club officials intend to submit a modified version of the plans. In line with planning regulations, a new application will have to be submitted to the council, if the tennis club decides to resubmit.

  • The Northern Echo contacted the Great Ayton Tennis Club for a response.