THE vision of a group of Stokesley School students to create a Zen garden in the grounds of their school is moving a step closer to becoming a reality.

The Zen Garden was the brain child of Donna-Marie Brosnan, acting head of Rowan House, who was inspired to create an area to support and enrich students’ wellbeing, utilising the disused piece of land she looked out on from the drama block.

The Zen Garden will be a welcoming space for students where they can enjoy mindfulness sessions whilst appreciating the health benefits of being outdoors. Dedicated zones will feature a number of seating pods, including friendship benches, where students and staff can relax, take time out and socialise together.

Year 10 student, Rory Dack, has been appointed as the student coordinator for the project and will also share responsibilities for design and construction proposals. The design will include a hexagonal wooden gazebo as a central focus, with access paths to the additional seating, surrounded with plants, greenery and environmentally-friendly bark flooring.

He said: “The students are really excited by the project and are motivated to share their ideas to create a space that they have some ownership, and feeling of accomplishment. We are working as a team and have regular meetings, with Mrs Brosnan, to progress the next stage of the project. Each of us are really proud to have an input in each step of the process."