A LOCAL authority has called the creation of a joint-partnership with other council's to help homeless people remain in temporary accommodation "essential" to the community.

The new partnership between North Yorkshire County Council, Richmondshire District Council and six other district and borough councils is expected to provide 'in-house' support to those living in temporary homes.

The change comes after North Yorkshire County Council's latest budget review revealed a need for the service.

Councillor Angie Dale, leader of Richmondshire District Council said: “The provision of support to homeless people both in temporary accommodation and within the wider community is essential.

“This service helps keep homeless people living in their accommodation by providing assistance such as budget management and support with individual needs.

"The support staff will be integrated into our Housing Options team which will result in a comprehensive in house service provided by the District Council."

Under the news arrangements, Richmondshire District Council will receive a budget of £68,700 per year for the next five years. The arrangement will come into force later this year, when staff from Human Kind, which currently provides the service will join the district council on October 1.